holocaust cameron and hallie

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holocaust cameron and hallie

The Holocaust

The Holocaust was lead by Adolf Hitler.In Europe the Nazi bascilley went on a killing spree. They sent Jews to concentration camps or killed them right away . A concentration camp is a place were jews and other time of people we sent to be a prisoner and were forced to work.Most of the people at the camps were either killed,beaten or starved to death.The Holocaust was a way of Adolf Hitler saying jews should be killed because they caused all of Germany's problems. About 6 million jews were killed or died in the concentration camps.

Adolf Hitler at the time was the dictator of Germany and the Nazi leader during World War II. The Nazi believed in fascism. Fascism is a system in which the government controls the economy,culture,and all the other stuff apart of every day lives.It all started in 1933 when the Nazis took over.Hitler made a secret plan with Joseph Stalin to not attack eachother.

This mass murder was well known as the Holocaust. Winston Churchill quoted that the "Nazis were the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the history of the world." Adolf Hitler was racism which means that he belived that only one race was good.



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