Holocaust and Genocide

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Jewish History

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Holocaust and Genocide

Buchenwald was one of the biggest concentration camps ever made. Unlike most camps Buchenwald was mainly where they did medical experiments such as shooting Jews with poison laced bullets to test the effects on humans, to burning the Jews with incendiary(fire) bombs to test the treatment for burns of german soldiers.Only male Jews were allowed in the camp until 1944 when they allowed women into the camp. While it was primarily physical experiments they also tested cures for typhus,typhoid,and cholera. The Nazi’s “cures” caused hundreds of deaths. About five miles away from the camp in the city of Weimar lived Johann wolfgang von goethe(1747-1832). Von Goethe was a famous poem writer in the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s. The word Weimar became associated with the camp.The first people to be sent to the camp were political prisoners than following the Kristallnacht program nearly 10,000 jews were sent to the camp.The population reached 110,000 by the end of 1945. The camp was second only to Auschwitz when it came to medical experiments. Ilse Koch was the wife of the camp commandant and was known for being a sadist(someone who likes to hurt people). If the Jews had tattoo's Ilsa would have them killed then have their skin removed and make book covers,lampshades, and even gloves out of their tattoo’s. The camp was liberated on April 11th 1945.


The Nazi’s used propaganda to persuade people to hate the Jews.If Hitler makes them look like sneaky greedy people,people might start to think about the message it sends. After a while of being exposed to this anti semitic propaganda I’m sure people started to believe Hitler’s ideas and think that jews are bad people and should get killed off.Hitler was playing mind games with his own people and was partly successful. People who did not agree with Hitler went along with his ideas anyway if they didn't and acted out they had a HUGE risk of being killed

The Holocaust

The mass slaughter of Jews during world war 2

Khmer Rouge

In 1975 Khmer Rouge took over the Cambodian government.As their first order of buiness they started a re-education for doctors,teachers,and students anyone who was learning or giving education. This re-education system did not last for long because they eventually ended up just killing all those who were getting an education. In their four years of power 1.7-2 million cambodians died in the Khmer Rouge’s killing fields. The killing fields were basically concentration camps for the Cambodian people. Many of them were labor camps rather than death camps,the rich,monks,and anyone who opposed to what the Khmer Rouge were doing. All this got little to no help from international community .The Khmer Rouge was lead by Pol Pot, which is easily a name people will remember he was an infamous killer and lead one of the biggest genocides in history. Pol Pot died in April of 1998 following his arrest, He died before he could be taken to trial for the Cambodian genocide

Holocausta genocide.


Eva Galler: Holocaust Suvivor

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Eva Galler was on her way to a death camp when people started to rip the barbed wire off of the train window and jump out. Her father told the three oldest children to jump, so Eva and her brother and sister jumped. She noticed that SS soldiers were were sat up on top of the train car and were shooting at those who jumped out of the train. Eva all and her siblings landed safely. Not a single bullet hit Eva, her brother and sister were not so lucky and had been shot and killed. Eva and her friend were the only survivors out of everyone who jumped out of the train. The first thing she did when she did not hear the train anymore she took of her star and vowed to never wear a star again. After that she went by a different name and found work on a german farm as a polish girl and pretended to be catholic till the war was over.


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