Holocaust: A genocide

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by JamesKinsey
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Social Studies
World War II

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Holocaust: A genocide

RelationThere was a recent terrorist attack in Paris, I compare this to the holocaust because, there was a massive amount of deaths against only people in Paris, ISIS had released bombs down onto Paris, there was a massive 110 people dead, the death count may not be as big as the holocausts, but it still matters. There are still a ton more bombings and terrorist attacks in the rest of the world, but I chose this because it was very very recent. Paris is currently going through a lot and the whole world is showing their support, when paris turned their lights off, the whole world turned them on. There are also things happening in Nigeria, with ISIS stealing young girls from their schools, taking them from their education, then selling them at markets.It isn’t fair, the girls don’t deserve it.

TortureIn Dachau, or pretty much at all camps, everyone was starved, beaten, there was forced labor, brutality, this place was pretty bad. Also their was horrible disease, spreading through the ghettos and the whole camp itself, mostly towards all the inmates, there was exposure, execution, the list can go on and on, but in the end, we can’t turn back time and stop this terrifying event in time. These were just some of the ways Jews had perished. Many Jewish people have perished, over 7 million have died during the holocaust, some were lucky to survive to this day, but although those of that had died during this event, they will never be forgotten.


DescribeIn Germany, one of the first established concentration camps ever made, known as Dachau, It first started as a prototype as a camp, when it was first available, the firstever inmates to enter Dachau were social democrats, communists, trade unionists, habitual criminals, homosexuals and lastly, Jehovah's Witnesses. A few ways Jews were killed/tortured, some jews to part of large-scale murder with gas and being cremated in the crematorium. Also German death squads began to start killing jews in open fields, they would line more than a few hundred jews up, then fire. It was told that more than 70,000 inmates had perished in the concentration camp known as Dachau. Six other camps like it existed, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmo, Majdanek,Sobibor and Treblinka.

PropagandaI think the nazis used these types of propaganda to target the Jews because it includes many stereotypes of Jews, It includes many pictures of Jews involved, Most of the propaganda also includes something bad about the Jews in general. The nazis were trying to get every German to dislike Jewish people in general. In the end, the jews did lose their trust from the Germans. The final result leading up to the holocaust, a horrible 7 Million+ deaths. People today worry that this could possibly happen again, most believe it won’t.

Antisemitism For the propaganda they had used, I think the 1st one meant that they had make a truce with Europe, then later on Jews had done thing that Europe didn’t like. As for the second picture, I think that they are saying Jews are like foxes, and that they should not be trusted, What I am saying is that foxes are wild animals and could be very deceiving and untrustworthy in the end, same with jews. As for the last bit of propaganda, I believe its sending the message that value money over others, there are other stereotypes, like jews have big noses and always look suspicious/mysterious


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