Hollywood and Disney During WWII

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Social Studies
World War II

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Hollywood and Disney During WWII

When people talk about World War 2 they don't mention what Hollywood did to help with the war. They also don't realized how much of an impact it made.

Even before we entered the war Hollywood was making anti-communist films such as "Confessions of a Nazi Spy" which was based off of true events. The movies gave the idea that the war in Europe wasn't realy that far away. Because of these movies foreign nations stoped accepting american movies.

After the war because Hollywood got 40% of their revenue from foreign nations, and because almost every foreign nation banned american movies, Hollywood was put into a economic slump which many studios didn't make it through.

When the U.S. finally entered the war Hollywood was began making movies and shorts for people to start rationing so they could give food to the military, to save the glycerin from their kitchens to make bombs. FDR made the Office of War Infomation (OWI) to filter what Hollywood produced, but decpite working for the same goal there were many disagreements.

Disney first entered the war when the Navy asked Walt Disney for new embelems for the boats. The first one they made was for the squad named mosquito boats. Once everyone else found out they asked for new embelems too. During the war Disney has made about 400,000 feet of film (68 hours of continuous film), and won an oscar for best animated film. They also made about 1,200 new insignias. Most of the animated films Disney made were very racist because they found it easier to discriminize the enemy.

Hollywood and Disney During WW2

The governmet asked DIsney to make this film to shed a positive light on agriculture.


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