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Holly Black

Val finds herself running away from home only to end up with a group of other homeless teens and using a drug that is actually medicine for faeries, but induces hallucinations in humans. After being bound to service to the troll, Ravus, Val begins to have feelings for the monster. Val must track down the true Fey murderer in order to rescue Ravus and tell him how she really feels about him.

Cassel Sharpe comes from a family of magical con artists known as Curse Workers. Once thought unmagical, Cassel soon begins to discover his own dangerous powers and struggles with a guilty conscience, memory, and the meaning of the white cat!

In a world where vampires exists and are exiled to Coldtowns, people are either disgusted by the vampires' partying lifestyle or they want to be a part of it. After a crazy high school party where almost everyone was killed by vampires, Tana must help her ex-boyfriend, Aidan, who had been infected by vampires and the vampire, Gavriel, get to the nearest Coldtown to save them. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is full of deceit, danger, and romance.

Holly Black

Holly Black always knew she wanted to become a writer. Even as she thought about becoming a librarian, Black new her heart belonged to writing. She has written many books, graphic novels, and several short stories. Fun Fact: While writing the first installment in her Curse Workers series, White Cat, a white cat walked into Black's home. Black named the cat after the title of the novel, and has refused to change its name for supersticious reasons.

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By Alison Brown


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