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Zero is physically small & lacks in toughness & aggression most of the other boys seem to posess. Zero`s real name is Hector Zeroni. Zero has been homeless for most of his life, and his mother abandoned him when he was much younger. Zero hasn`t had much education, so he doesn`t know how to read or write. Zero has great sense of directions and can do mental math, though. In Holes, Zero & Stanley are friends. Zero is related to Madame Zeroni. Everyone at Camp Green Lake thought that Zero was stupid,mostly because he doesn`t answer their questions, but Zero claims (and it shows) that he just dislike answering questions. Before he was at Camp Green Lake, Zero had to steal to provide for himself. When Zero stole a pair of Clyde Livingston`s shoes from a homeless shelter auction, he was unaware of whose shoes they were and what they were for. He threw the shoes over a bridge and they landed on Stanley Yelnats IV who was arrested for a short period of time. Hector was arrested the next day for stealing a pair of shoes from Payless.


Zero is a lot like the holes in the book- he`s a blank space that seems like nothing, but actually contains a great treasure. Zero proves to be much tougher and smarter, and far braver than any of the other boys. And of course, as Madame Zeroni`s great grandson, his friendship with Stanley is the key to breaking the curse. The curse Zero and Stanley broke was to have bad luck, due to the curse placed on his great-great grandfather. Stanley`s great-great grandfather forgot his promise with Madame Zeroni (which was when the curse started creeping along) : Elya`s promise was that after the pig grew strong he would carry Madame Zeroni, who had only 1 leg, up a mountain & sing her a song she taught him. Anyway, Zero is the guy who convinces Stanley to break out of his shell & start his life over.

Trust can turn into friendship and beyond.

Everyone seems to be convinced in Holes that Zero is a real nothing of a kid. Mr. Pendanski mocks & belittles Zero at every turn. Even after the poor little guy runs away & is assumed dead, Mr. P won`t give him a break: "He had nobody...He was nobody." (chp.31, pg.36). Even our hero Stanley doesn`t appreciate Zero at first. As Stanley settles into life at camp Green Lake & begins to understand how things work in this new environment, he reflects that, "He didn`t care what Zero thought. Zero was a nobody." (chp.18, pg.7).

Nobody to Anybody

*The first glimpse of Zero is when Stanley arrives at Camp Green Lake & is introduced to the boys in D tent. Mr.Pendanski tells Stanley that his name is Zero because,"there`s nothing indside his head."(chp.5,pg.33).*It turns out Zero doesn`t know how to read. After some hole-digging, Stanley finally agrees to teach Zero-in exchange, Zero will keep digging Stanley`s holes for him.*The other campers aren`t too crazy that Zero is helping dig Stanley`s holes, but thay give Stanley a hard time about it. This results in a pretty nasty fight, after which Zero runs off.*Stanley finds Zero sheltered under the overturned Mary Lou (a boat), surviving on jars of 110 yrs. old, & well preserved jars of a peachy liquid Zero calls "sploosh".*The boys stick together, & Stanley ends up carrying a really sick Zero up the mountain (which Stanley`s great grandfather found refuge on & called God`s Thumb). As Zero gradually gets better, he tells Stanley about his past, makes a confession that he stole the shoes and it`s his fault that both of them were at this camp, and how he became seperated from his mother.*Zero & Stanley return to camp &, after making sure was awake or around, they dig in Stanley`s hole. Soon, they come upon the treasure, - which the Warden was practically psyched about-digs it up & gets to leave camp with Mrs.Morengo, Stanley`s lawyer.*After he gets his share of the treasure, Zero hires a team of private detectives to locate his mother. And it looks like it worked: in fact, the last "image" of the book is one of Zero & his mother.


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