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Holes Glog by Ryan Daudistel

Author: Louis Sachar

Title: Holes

Main EventsLearns why his family is cursedStanley finds Sweetfeet cleatsSentenced to Camp Green LakeBegins to form a friendship with ZeroZero runs away from campStanley runs away from camp in search of ZeroFinds Zero and convinces him to return to camp to find what is burried.Finds treasure that belongs to him, that was left by Kissing Kate Barlow

SettingsCamp Green Lake, TexasLativa

CharactersStanley YealnatsZeroMr. SirThe WardenMom(Doctor)




What you think about the Book?

Stanley has always been at the wrong place, at the wrong time. One day he is accused of stealing, and has the choice of jail, or Camp Green Lake. Camp Green Lake builds character through the diging of Holes. Stanley learns that they aren't diging to build character, but to find something. Stanley's best friend runs off; making Stanley decide if he should stay at camp, or go find his friend

Stanley and Zero return to the camp and dig all night. Eventually they find treasure left by the Bandit Kissing Kate Barlow. Before escaping the Warden, Mr. Sir and Mom appear; and tells them thanks for finding the treasure. The Warden thinks because it's on her land it's hers. Zero works all night figuring out what the name is on the chest. He reads out loud that it has Stanley's name on it and that it belongs to him. A scoail worker arrives explaining that Stanley was actually innocent of the crime; and was allowed to return home.

I really liked this book becauses it had a lot of adventure. You see Stanley create a friendship with Zero that is lifelong. I liked it because Stanley was willing to help and friend, and also willing to go back and find what it was they were diging for in the first place. This book was really a favorite of mine growing up.



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