[2015] Rabia Ozbabacan: Holes

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[2015] Rabia Ozbabacan: Holes


CONFLICTSMAN vs MANzero hits Mr.Pendanski with a shovel because healways calls him dumb and mean to himMAN vs NATUREeveryone at camp Green Lake must be very careful not to come across a yellow spotted lizard, because its deadlyMAN vs SOCIETYkissing Kate becomes an outlaw because they killed sam, the guy she loved

THEMESFate and Free WillJustice and JudgmentChoicesPowerTransformationFamily

EVOLUTIONI liked the book alot because it was an adventure from the start, I couldn`t get it off my hands. It was quite fun from the start untill the end.

PLOTStanley's family is cursed with bad luck. Unfairly sentenced to months of detention at Camp Green Lake, he and his campmates are forced by the warden to dig holes in order to build character. What they don't know is that they are digging holes in order to search for a lost treasure hidden somewhere in the camp.

MainCharacters*Stanley *Zero (Hector Zeroni)*X-Ray*Zigzag*Armpit*Magnet*Squid *Warden

QUOTES“If only, if only," the woodpecker sighs,"The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies."While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,Crying to the moo-oo-oon,"If only, If only.”

RECOMMENDATIONI think anyone in any age can read and enjoy this book, its quite fastmoving. Mostly teenagers would enjoy it but I can see my mom reading and liking it too :)

Kissin' Kate Barlowbefore & after


written by:LOUIS SACHAR