[2018] Raelynn Schuety: Holding out for a Hero

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[2018] Raelynn Schuety: Holding out for a Hero

Holding out for a Hero

The hero that I chose is Finn the Human from the show Adventure time. He is a boy from a post apocalyptic world who fights evil.

Finn is sometimes impulsive and aggressive but it usually works to his advantage. He is kind, brave, selfless, and righteous. His hero oath is to protect the land of Ooo. His duty is to protect and save any innocent person.

Gotta be fresh from the fight. Finn is a courageous young boy who is ready for battle always. He never backs down from a fight.

Qualities that match the song

Where are all the good men and where are all the gods? Finn is not a man or a god, he's just a regular boy so in a sense he is capable of more things than men or gods. That's just my interpretation though.

He's gotta be fast.As a 16 year old boy with tons of energy, Finn is definitely fast.

Heroic Qualities

Rising with the heat.When Finn fights, he goes all or nothing. As the enemies become harder to defeat, he gets stronger. He is quick witted enough to figure out any enemies weakness.


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