Hodgkin's Disease

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Hodgkin's Disease

Hodgkin'sDisease (or Hodkins's Lymphoma)named after Dr. Thomas Hodkin(First to recognize disease)

This is a type of lymphoma (cancer) , which starts in the white blood cells (lymphocytes) which is a part of the body's immune system and lymph system (or lymphatic system). The lymphoma tissues are found almost every part of your body causing the cancers ability to start almost anywhere. This forms a tumor that gradually continues to grow.

Signs and SymptomsItching, Fever, Chills, Unexpected weigh loss (10% or more), Painless swelling of Lymph in neck, armpits or groin, Persistent Fatigue, Night Sweats, Increase Sensitivity to alcohol or lymph nodes after alcohol, no appetite,

One of the most curable cancers.

Causes:Most occur by an infection-fighting cell (B Cell) developes a mutation in DNA causing cells to rapidly divide living past healthy cells crowding out healthy cells.

Adults and childrencan get it. Most Common Beween ages 15-30 ' 55^

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Treatments:-Radiotherapy-Chemotherapy-Steriods-High Dose Treatment with Bone Marrow or Stem Cell Transplant

Disrupts CIITA- reduces surface expression of MHC IIBinds to DP1 ligands- providing involantary signals to CTLs -Amplifications and translocations from DP1 ligands increase mRNA expression rate levels

Types:Classical Hodkin's Disease (More Common)Have Reed-Sternberg (Large Abnormal Cells in Lymph nodes) Classical Sub-Types:-Nodular Sclerosis -Mixed Cellularity-Lymphocyte- depleted-Lymphocyte- rich Lymphocyte-Predominant (rare)Popcorn Cells (Large Abnormal Cells) Better chance of a cure when diagnosed at an early stage

Hodgkin's Disease


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