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HoD Project

The Congo River is a major symbol in the story. The river represents Marlow's search to find himself. The farther he gets along ther river, the more he learns and discovers about himself.

The ivory symbolizes the greed in mankind and the destructiveness of human beings.

Caroline Poovey

The color white is a major symbol in the story. White usually means peace, but in this story's case, white represents the evilness of the people.

A major theme of Heart of Darkness is finding what oneself is capable of accomplishing. Marlow does not really know what he himself is capable of doing or completeing until he is pushed to his max. He has no other choice but to see what it is he can do and how he can make a difference.

The fog is a symbol having no direction. Marlow gets trapped in the fog and cannot find how to get out.

Heart of Darkness


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