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Ice Hockey:

Ice hockey is a fast paced, intense sport played on ice with two teams of six. There are three 20 minute periods seperated by two intermissions. The goal of the game isto direct a rubber disk, known as a puck, to the opposingside of the rink and shoot it into the goal. The team withthe highest score at the end wins. It's played all over theworld, but mostly in places where the climate can sustain the right environment, such as the United States, Canada, Norway and Sweeden.


Studies show that most injuries occur in games rather than practicies, and there are a multitude of types. The most common are concusions or lacerations to the head, scalp and face, as well as bruises to all types of the body. More extreme injuries are sprains and ligament tears in the knee, spine and neck injuries, shoulder dislocation, and joint seperation.



backcheck: an attempt by a player, on his way back tohis defensive zone, to regain the puck from the opposition by checking or harassing an opponent who has the puck.blind pass: to pass the puck without looking.break: a chance to start a rush when the opposing forwards are caught out of position.carom: a rebound of the puck off the boards or any other object.dead puck: a puck that flies out of the rink or that a player has caught in his hand.drop pass: when a player simply leaves the puck behind for a teammate following him to pick up.feeding: passing the puck.


Although the original origin of hockey isunknown, historians have hypothesized for years that it evolved from field hockey. Recently though, researchturned up that suggests a similar game was played inNova Scotia by the Micmac Indians; it was mainly influenced by the Irish game of Hurling, which then made its way through Canada and was adapted and changed to what hockey is today. The word hockeyhas been attributed to the French word hoquet, whichmeans "shepherds stick". In 1879 at McGill University in Montreal, the rules ofthe game were set by students. By 1880, someamateur clubs and leagues were established in Canadaand by 1893 the first game in the United States wasplayed. The NHL (National Hockey League) is the mostimportant league in the world. It comprises teams fromthe United States, and Canada and ice hockey wasadded to the Winter Olympics in 1920.

Skates, stick, gloves, shinguards, shoulder pads, elbow pads, pants, helmet, facemask, equipment bag, socks, mouthguard.



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