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The HobbitBy: J.R.R Tolkein 

Bilbo baggins is recruted for a adventure to defeat a dragon and take back a dwarvish kingdom by his friend gandalf. Bilbo traveled through many lands and encountered many foes to arrive at the dwarvish kingdom. At the start he met three trolls who tried to eat him. He had to travel through the misty mountains where he met goblins and a creature named gollum who had a magic ring which could make you invisible. He would take this ring and use it throughout the journey. Bilbo had to pass through mirkwood, which is a vast forest, in mirkwood he would encounter giant spiders whom he would have to save his friends from. He also met wood elves who would put his friends in prison and he would have to break them out. Bilbo then made his way to the people of lake town who he would pass and then make his way to the dwarvish kingdom. Bilbo would then try and find a very precious jewel in the dragon's lair. There he would wake it and it would try and kill him. He would escape and the dragon would go attack lake town but at lake town it would be killed by the people of laketown. Even though the dragon was killed and they had the kingdom, they still had to fight because a large army of goblins and wargs made their way to the kingdom. A large battle followed with goblins and wargs on one side and men, dwarves, and elves on the other. this battle was called the battle of five armies. In this battle many died including the dwarvish king thorin and other dwarves. After the battle the journey was at its end. The dwarves took back the kingdom but they lost their leader. A new king was appointed and the hobbit made his way home along with gandalf.



The theme of the story is friendship. After a long journey of battling evil creatures and goblins they bond together in friendship and they stand together. By the end of the story they become such good friends that they are willing to die for eachother.


The main characters are Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and Thorin. Bilbo is our main character who is a hobbit and he is the one who has to steal a precious jewel from a dragon called Smaug. Gandalf is Bilbo's friend. Gandalf is the one who recruted Bilbo for the journey. Thorin is the dwarvish king who is trying to take back the kingdom which is rightfully his.

The setting of The Hobbit takes place in middle earth. Middle Earth is a imaginary land that takes place in a imaginary period of earth's past

I would definatly recommend this book. I would recommend this because it was great. the story was vivid and it really caught my attention. I really got involved with the story and I really cared for the characters.



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