H&L Blankets Opspark Spinoff

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H&L Blankets Opspark Spinoff

The Big Idea

The Problem

Hope and Lily Blankets: Using temperature-adjustings technology be can make blankets that keep people warm when the temperature drops, and cool when it rises by placing liquid inside to regulate and conduct warm and cool temperatures.


This technology is originally only used for Nasa astronaut space suits so they don't get cold on missions. They use liquid cooling tubes to flow through the body and cool the astronaut.

Around the world people are dying of heat exhaustion and hypothermia our blankets can be used to prevent or make it less likely to be exposed to extreme temperatures by increasing and decreasing your body’s temperature.


-Door insulators that prevent things from coming in from the cracks-Using temperature adjusting technology in infirmaries to keep babies from overheating or freezing-Temperature adjusting blankets


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