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HIVWhat is HIV?By Franzine cm

What is HIV? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It cannot reproduce on their own, they need to infect the cells of a human or a living organism to make copies of themselves.Around the world 2.5 million people was infected in 2011. There is an estimare that there are now 34 million people living with HIV.

HIV can only pass one person to another when fluids from a person with HIV gets into the bloodstream of another human.only a person could not pass if a human is healthy or has unbroken skin.

: Who can get HIV? : Anyone can get infected by HIV no matter.There is no cure for the virus but there are treatments if you get infected.Most people with HIV can avoid getting AIDS and can stay healthy for a long time.

HIV can be passed one person to another by,: sharing needles or getting a tattoo, etc.: during pregnancy,birth or breast- feeding. HIV cannot passed by,: talking,shaking hands, coughing sneezing ,: kissing or cuddling , swimming pools , etc.

Try and avoid HIV. Too check if you have one or not, there are testings for people who want to know if they have HIV or not.

: The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested,.Within a month or two of HIV entering the body, 40% to 90% of people experience flulike symptoms known as acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).(Link:,,20539037,00.html)


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