HIV and Aids

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HIV and Aids

UNAIDS headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland and there are 7 Regional offices and over 80 country offices around the world.

Can we stop the disease?


UNAIDS has many missions. #1- Reduce Sexual Transmission#2- Prevent HIV Among Drug Dsers#3- Eliminate New HIV Infections Among Children#4- 15 Million Accessing Treatment#5- Avoid TB Deaths#6- Close the Resource Gap#7- Eliminate gender Inequalitites #8- Eliminate Stigma and Discramanation #9- Eliminate Travel Resrictions #10- Strenghten HIV Interagation

Through a series of goals, the world has a set commitments, actions and goals to stop and reverse the spread of HIV and scale up towards universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services.UNAIDS receive funds by doing charities and working with other non-profit organization so they can help the people with HIV and AIDS. They also work with the government and they do many fundraisers. We can help this organization in many ways. We can go to fundraisers and we can have safe sex our selves and be a more responsible society before things do get worse. A sloution organizations should work on is trying to make a cure and trying to set goals that will help the infected and others as well. People say you should just get money. Money is not going to do everything. You can't pay someone for them to get HIV and AIDS away. It's is impossible. You need to work with the people, and find ways that everyone will trust.

It is all up to you!

People think very different than others. But when it comes to something serious like HIV and AIDS, I think we all think a like. Some think it is a bad place and no one is there to help. Actually there are hundreds of organizations there to help. UNAIDS is an organization that will keep people going and help the ones who need it. They will stand by your sie. They build moeny. They have reasons for the decisions that they made. They have evidence and they will help and fight HIV and AIDS away with their goals!


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