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Prognosis Prognosis for Hiv depends on the medical care recived, and how early the virus is diagnosed. If someone with HIV does not recieve treatment early, the virus will progress and make the immune system weaker. It takes about 10 to 11 years for HIV to develop to AIDS. Some die shortly after and some live quite long. Treatment, howerver, can still be effective no matter when HIV is diagnosed.

Treatments The treatment for a person with HIV involves many different drugs depending on the persons infection. The virus needs enzyme named protease to replicate, so treatment will usually involvle protease inhabitors as well as anti-viral drugs.

Body Systems the Disease Attacks HIV attacks and kills crucial cells to the imune system called t-helper cells. t-helper cells kill germ infected cells. without these cells many other immune system cells do not work properly, this includes B-cells that make antibodies.


Age Range- HIV can happen at any age. You can be born with it or get it later in life. AIDS usually wont develop untill later because it takes 10 or 11 years for HIV to become AIDS

Symptoms Some people have no symptoms at all. others will experiance the following:-flu like symptoms - diarrhea - fatigue- fever - headache - mouth sores - stiff or aching muscles - rashes - sore throat - swollen lymph glands-frequent vaginal yeast infection

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) .Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)


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