Hits of the 1950s

by kaceyhuntington
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Hits of the 1950s

Hits of the 1950s

Buddy Holly- Elvis Presley- Little Richard

All three of these artists have a unique sound to their voice and have an abnormal presence. There songs all have a littl extra flare than the others that I heard and I like that. I think that the artists that step out of the box and try different things are the ones that succeed the most and leave the greatest impact on the audience.

Elvis Presley grew up with a love and interest in music. He was an American singer, musician, and actor. He became one of the most influential cultural icons of the century. He is commonly referred to as the "King of rock 'n' roll" and epitomises the post-war pop generation.

Buddy Holly was an American singer songwriter who produced some of the most distinctive and influential work in rock music. He was a seasoned perfromer by age of sixteen and had his life cut short when he was in a tragic plane crash at the age of twenty two.

Little Richard was known for his unique sound and quite occasional shrieks and wails. His child hood heavily revolved around the church and spent a lot of time there. He recieved many awards for his accomplisments like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievment Award, and the pioneer award.



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