Hitlers Rise to Power

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Hitlers Rise to Power

Hitlers Rise to PowerBy Christopher Piterski

His Rise to PowerThere are many reasons why Hitler rose to power. To start it off Hitler was the one way of getting out of the mess that Germany was in post WWI. This is evident is many ways Hitler was really good at talking to the people and he in a way persuaded them. He told them a lot of things that they wanted to hear and not things that he was actually going to be able to do. In his book he talked about doing bad things to a certain group of people. That group being the Jews. He knew that the German people had a big disliking towards the Jewish people. This was a huge plus and even brought him more into the spotlight. The people of Germany needed someone like this for the time. I’m not saying that he was a great person but he really knows how to bring a country back. This really was the main reason he was rose up to power. These people went through a lot. They had no jobs and any money at all. They needed someone that could get the economy back in shape for the German people.

Backround: HitlerHitler did not do particularly well in school, leaving formal education in 1905. He tried to pursue and art carrer but was never good enough. Concluding this Hitler volunteered to join the Austrian army.Hitler was a highly decorated solider. He was a brave and courageos solider and he was honored

for this exact reason. this was a huge help for him while on his rise to powerbecasue people knew what he was about and how he wasnt afraid. He was willing to make change and would do many things for the german people so that he would rise to power. After his time at war Hitler entered a life of politics and this is where is all begins for him.


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