Hitler's Officers

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Social Studies
World War II

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Hitler's Officers

Dr. Josef Mengele

SS Officer

Hitler's Officers

Heinrich Himmler

Joseph Goebbels

Reinhard Heydrich

SS Officer

SS Officer

SS Officer

Dr. Josef Mengele, commonly referred to as the "Angel of Death," was known for his role as the "selector" on the platform at Auschwitz. At his discretion, prisoners went either to the gas chambers or to the camp. More importantly, Mengele was known for his "scientific" experimentation on twins at Auschwitz. There, one twin could serve as a control, while the other was used in his experiments on genetic abnormalities, which involved such atrocities as freezing people to death, sewing two people together, starving a pregnant woman to see how long it would take for her baby to die, and more.

Heinrich Himmler, best known as organizer of the mass murder of the Jews, was Reichsfuhrer of the SS, head of the Gestapo and the Waffen-SS, and Minister of theInterior. He became head of the Schutzstaffef (SS) when it was a small group of only 200 men, but under his leadership, it grew substantia lly to become a body of over 50,000. He was instrumental in setting up the first concentration camp, Dachau, and in creating new guidelines for qualifications for internment there and at the other camps. After witnessing the extermination of a hundred Jews, a demonstration set up for his benefit, he ordered the use of poison gas as a "more humane means" of execution. Himmler also introduced the principle of racial selection in order to ensure a society populated with people of "high value." He was especially pleased with Lebensborn, which he established as a place where girls and women selected for their "perfect Nordic traits" could procreate with SS men, thereby creating a race of "supermen."

Joseph Goebbels found his place in the Nazi Party as Hitler's Propaganda Leader, selling Hitler to the German public. He was instrumental in creating the image of Hitler as the savior of the German people from fear and resentment, financial disaster, an the ultimate "enemy"-the Jews. His own hatred of the Jews enabled him to develop a strategy to mobilize the masses against them, based on the need to establish a common enemy. He was able, through manipulation, to induce the public to give themselves over to Hitler. Goebbels's lust for power, coupled with hisdeeply rooted contempt for humanity and Jews in particular, and his expertise in the field of mass persuasion, enabled him to gain control of the media - i.e. the press, publishing, radio, and movies. An organizer of Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass), he personally supervised the deportation of the Jews from Berlin in 1942.

Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most heinous war criminals of the Holocaust, stood out as one of the cruelest and most brutal mass murderers in Nazi Germany . Heydrich, known as "The Hangman," murdered thousands of Jews and other "enemies" of the Reich. He was instrumental in creating the SD, a Nazi intelligence agency that watched for dissent within the party and created files on all the Jews in Germany. By 1934, Heydrich ran the Gestapo, German Security Police. Although Goring told Heydrich to solve the "Jewish problem" by emigration and evacuation, Heydrich decided that emigration alone could not take care of all the Jews, and that the "Final Solution" was the only answer. A part of the "Final Solution" from the beginning when Himmler assigned the job of mass murder to the Einstatzgruppen, the killing squads of the security police, Heydrich forbade emigration of Jews from France and Belgium. As extermination camps were builtin Poland, Heydrich coordinated the deportation of the Jews to these camps. Heydrich was assassinated in 1942.

Known as the "Angel of Death"

Organizer of mass murder of Jews

The "Hangman"

Propaganda Leader


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