Hitlers final solution

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Hitlers final solution

What was known during the Holocaust as the “Final Solution” was actually a plan Hitler created for the mass murder of all Jews. With Germany struggling to get by, Hitler and the Nazis blamed all of the government’s issues on the Jewish population, simply to assign the blame to someone besides himself. By naming the plan the “Final Solution” Hitler attempted to disguise the immorality of his plan to annihilate all of the Jews in Europe. Surprisingly, although the plan originated in 1938, it was not put into order until 1942, and it was not clearly stated that this plan actually meant the killing of all Jews until the end of 1943. Concealing his wicked plan for so long, many Germans were swayed by Hitler’s ideas. Prior to the Final Solution, Hitler tried other tactics to force Jews to leave his country and keep the German race as what he thought to be “pure.” Beginning in the September of 1939, Hitler began sending Jews to ghettos after invading Poland. Other than ghettos, boycotts, purges, labor camps, Nuremburg laws, Kristallnach, and einsatzgruppen were some of Hitler’s other strategies to influence the Jews to evacuate Germany before the Final Solution. Since these procedures were less successful than Hitler anticipated, after he invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the mass murder plans for the final solution began. In 1942 the Nazi leaders met in Berlin to discuss and plan a way to kill the 11 million Jews remaining. The final solution (hence the name Final Solution) was to transform six major concentration camps into extermination camps, including Auschwitz. Not only did this plan solve Hitler’s issue with the rest of the Jewish population, but also assisted 150 German companies, who could use the Auschwitz prisoners for working purposes. All of this harsh work, with low servings of food, contributed to the deaths of the Jews assigned to these extermination camps. In addition to transforming concentration camps into death camps, Hitler ordered SS men (German police) to murder Jews in gas vans. One-hundred-fifty-two thousand people were killed in this manner at the Chelmo Killing Center. Sometimes if the Jews or other victims were not cooperating with the SS men, the police would shoot the Jews without a negative consequence. Unfortunately, 2,700,000 total Jews passed from both the poisoned gasses and the shootings held by the SS men. As a whole, the Final Solution and the Holocaust almost caused extinction to European Jews. “Approximately six million Jewish men, women, and children were killed during the Holocaust-- two-thirds of the Jews living in Europe before World War ll” (“’Final Solution’: Overview”). Although this escalation in the number of Jewish deaths was solving what Hitler and the Nazis saw as an issue, it was contradicting what the rest of the human race saw as moral. Realizing that the war would most likely soon be coming to a halt, the Jews began evacuating from the death camps, but that was not the end of the slaughter. “German forces had begun evacuating many of the death camps in the fall of 1944, sending inmates under guard to march further from the advancing enemy’s front line. These so-called ‘death marches’ continued all the way up to the German surrender, resulting in the deaths of some 250,000 to 375,000 people” (“The Holocaust”). Beginning to feel the pressure of others who questioned his homicide of the Jewish people, on April 29, 1945 Hitler blamed the Holocaust on the many Jews that were “poisoning” the Germans who were what Hitler thought to be a “pure” race. One day later, Hitler committed suicide. Only a week later, on May 8, Germany formally surrendered to the World War, meaning the “death marches” came to an end. Despite the war having concluded, not all problems were immediately solved. To illustrate what is meant by this statement, many refugees, POWs, and other people were displaced all over the European continent. Likewise, all of the “villains” or wrong-doers from the war could not go unpunished, so the Nuremburg Trials were held from 1945-1946. From these trials, many Nazis and other criminals were discovered and penalized. Starting in 1953, the German government began to even pay individual Jewish citizens as a way to take responsibility for the country’s history, and hopefully improve their vicious reputation that Hitler left. In summation, Hitler killed over six million European Jews, all in attempt to “purify” the German country and race. Not only having an impact on innocent people during the Holocaust, Hitler also damaged many family’s futures. Thankfully, with more knowledge and experience, the world has now accepted such death wishes to be immoral, so optimistically this tragic event in history will not be repeated or accepted once again.

Hitler's Final Solution

Jews and other misfits from the concentration camps are released and forced to walk away from the German enemy's front lines. In order to continue the murder of the Jews, the SS men keep the Jews hidden until Germany's surrender in 1945.

As one of his attempts to annihilate the Jewish population in Europe, Hitler uses gas chambers. SS men repeatedly pack up too 800 of the the Jewish people at once into gas chambers and murder them within minutes.

Prior to Hitler devising his final solution plan, he tried various other tactics to persuade the Jews to leave Germany. One of which was deporting Jews to Ghettos, much like the one shown above.

Caroline Sumner

Auschwitz and multiple other concentration camps were transformed into death camps once Hitler created the Final Solution. In total, over 1.5 million people died in Auschwitz alone.

"If the international Jewish financiers . . . should again succeed in plunging the nations into a world war the result will be . . . the annihilation of the Jewish race throughout Europe."-Adolf Hitler

"My measures will not be crippled by any bureaucracy. Here I don't have to worry about Justice; my mission is only to destroy and exterminate; nothing more."-Hermann Goering

Nazi Camps

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