Hitler's Expansionists Policy

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World War II

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Hitler's Expansionists Policy

Hitler's expansionist policiesFrom the remilitarisation of Rhineland to invasion of Poland

The plebiscite is a sucess as nazi were sent into austria to maintain order.Therfore 99.75% of people vote in favour of union

The remilitarisation of RhinelandMarch 1936Demilitarisation of RHineland ordered under the treaty of versailles and reinforced by the Lorcano treaties in 1925 which is accepted by the Weimar Government

As preparation for the invasion of Poland, Hitler and Stalin signed the nazi-soviet non agression pact that was to last 10 years. Both parties would resolve problems in a friendly manner. Hitler hoped that signing this pact, he would not get into war against soviet union when declaring war against poland. Stalin also needed buffer land in any possible war with Germany . Both parties still have deep suspicions between each other.

Hitler used the Franco-Soviet alliance as an excuse that he needed troops to defend the borders .How was this a successful move:Britain was in pacifist mood and had no thoughts of resisting Hitler.France was having elctions and no politician want to be seen as wanting to start a war.League of nations were distracted by the abbyssinian crisis and just condemmed hitlers actions.

On the other hand....Hitler's troops were under equipped when entering Rhineland.And were told to retreat if attacked.However no one intervened, making him an even bigger icon for restoring the German Pride among the people

Anchluss with Austria

Union between austria and germany has been considered in 1867 following the austro-prussian war but rejectedAfter world war one, majority supported a union but was forbidden according to the treaties of versailles

Hitler first tried taking over austria in 1934 but was stop by mussolini.He then asked nazi austrian to make trouble and pressurize the austrain goverment.Finally he mangaed to covince austrian chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg to hold a plebiscite.The british sympathsise with Germans, France also did not want to face the Germans without British support


Hitler first demanded for Sudentenland as majority are Germans which are thought to be part of Germany and threatened to go to war if neccessary.The Czechs were willing to fight with their modern army.Britain , france and Soviet Union will also assist in case of an attackIn line with the policy of appeasement,Chamberlain,Daladier,Hitler and mussolini met and signed the Munich agreement granting Sudetenland to Hitler.The Czech leader Benes and soviet Union stalin was not even consulted at all.Therfore Benes resigned and nazi troops marched in on 1 Oct 1938.Hitler took over the whole of Czechoslovskia on 16 March 1939Chamberlain relised Hitler could not be trusted

Invasion of Poland

Hitler has voiced demands for the free city of Danzig since 1937 as most of the population was German.He addd on that a raileroad should be build from Mainland Germany to East Prussia via the Polish Corridor.However polish leaders were worried that Hitler might soon take over Poland.Negotiations soon broke down as tensions increased

Once again in 29 August 1939, hitler demanded for Danzig again and Polish corridor also.Negotiations once broke down between Britain,France,Poland and Germany.Hitler gave the order to Invade Poland on 1 Sept 1939. Britain and france declared war on Germany on 3 Sept following the mutual treaty with Poland.After the agreesive chain of events trggered by Hitler. Leaders of Britian and France finally realised Hitler could not be trusted and WW2 begun


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