Hitler's expansionist policy

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Hitler's expansionist policy

Actions taken by Hitler 1.Withdrawal from the League Of Nation+the Geneva Disarmament Conferance 2.Conscription and Rearmament 3.Remilitarisation of Rhineland4.German involvement in Spanish Civil War 5.German unification with Austria6.Munich Agreement 7.Invasion of Czechoslovakia 8.Nazi-soviet Non-Agression Pact 9.Invasion of Poland

2.Conscription and rearmament Hitler wanted to restore pride to Germany and hence started to build Germany defences secretly.When Hitler had complete control over Germany, he then announced it to the world. -Germany's army increased with over 550,000 men,equipped with mordern airforce+submarines. -Hilter argues that this was needed for self-defence and kept emphasising that this was not for aggression. -This helped Germany to prepare for war.

Re-militarization of the Rhineland -Hitler ordered German troops to cross the Hohenzollern Bridge to remilitarise Rhineland.-Did not send strong army.-Ordered to retreat if attacked.-France did not attack as they were about to hold elections and no French politician wanted to be seen as wanting to start a war.-Used the Franco-Soviet Alliance as an excuse and said that he was now under threat and should be allowed to defend its frontiers.

Factor Hitler's expansionist policy

1.Withdrawal of the League of Nations and the Geneva Disarmament Conference -Hiler argued that since Germany is not able to re-arm to be the level as France they should at least make France dis-arm to the level of Germany.-The French rejected the idea.-Hitler used this as an opportunity to pull Germany out of the League and the Conference. -This will eventually led to outbreak of war as doing this allow Germany to break the treaty of Versilles and expand its territories.

Hitler Swallows Czechoslovakia

German unification with Austria -Germany was unable to so due to the Treaty of Versailles.But Hitler wanted to untie with Austria and hence encouraged the Austrian Nazis to make trouble and push for Anschluss.-He then argued that the Austrians should be given the right to decide whether they wanted to be part of Germany since this is part of the principle of self-determination in the Treaty of Versailles.He then sent troops to ensure order.This is a contributing factor to outbreak of WW2 as it helped HItler to habe an "excuse" to send German troops to Austria.The union with Austria allowed Germany to have more money to make more weapons.

German involvement in the Spanish Civil War Hitler sent soldiers,equipment and warplanes to the support the Spanish Nathionalist forces.He said thar he participated to defent the western civilisation and traditional values against communism. -It led to outbreak of war as this made Hitler feel that Britain and France were weak and hence more aggressive in his demands.This event was used to divert people's attention from the fact that Germany was expanding to Eastern Europe.

Munich Agreement+Invasion of the Czechs -Hitler wanted to invade and take the whole of Czechoslovakia as it was largely made up of Germans.-However to war,leaders of Britain,France,Hitler and Mussolini gave Hitler the whole of Sudentenland without the Czech leaders's consent. Hitler marched through Sudentenland on 1/10/1938.-This made Hitler more agressive in his demands. -On 16 March 1939,HItler invaded and took the whole of Czechoslovakia. This lead to outbreak of WW2 as Britain Prime Minister realized Hitler can't be trusted and Poland was Hitler's next target to invade.

Nazi-Soviet Non Agression Pact -Hitler continued in expaning Germany. -To prevent going war with USSR and Britain at the same time, Hitler signed the agreement. -This allowed Hitler and Stalin not attacking each other and become "friends".



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