Hitlers Closest Friends

by SyedSES92
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Hitlers Closest Friends

"The party is Hitler and Hitler is Germany"."Hitler is simply pure reason incarnate"

Rudolf Hess was a wealthy academic and became Hitlers deputy Hess had been involved with the nazi party from its earliest days. Hess flew to scotland to negotiate peace with scotland Britain and Germany because of this Hitler stripped Hess of all his ranks.

Hermann Goering is a wealthy hero of the german arir force. From 1940 on he fought to keep his power from others. Rather than fight for the same common goal, Goering and his rivals were constantly thinking of ways to extend their power at the expense of others. He was supposed to be executed on October 15th 1946 but comitted suicide with by taking cyanide.

Hitlers Closest Friends

Ernst Rohm is a scarfaced bull-necked soldier.He was in charge of the SA. He brought radical new ideas to the SA.

Goering with the iron cross.



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