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Hitler Youth

Hitler was a firm believer in indoctrinating the Nazi ideaology at a young age. The Hitler Youth was based on Hitler's "anti-intellectualism" and focused on military training. The Hitler Youth compromised close to ninety percent of the country's young people. The Nazis capitilized on the youth's enthusiasm with their constant craving for action and desire for peer approval to regard the Hitler Youth as their "home away from home". This particular youth group was the ONLY group in Nazi Germany to participate legally outisde of school. These impressionable children could not escape Nazi ideaologies because of Hitler's control of educational content throughout Germany

Boys & Girls


The Hitler Youth encompassed both boys and girls and had different expectations.Girls: preperation for motherhood, joined League of Young Girls at age 10, joined League of German Girls at age 14, must run 60 meters in 14 seconds, throw a ball 12 meters, perform a 2 hour march, swim 200 meters, and make bedsBoys: "military athletics" included marching, bayonet drilling, grenade throwing, trench digging, map reading, gas deference, use of dugouts and avoid open fire

Lasting Impact

The dedication from the members of the Hitler Youth made it possible for Adolf Hitler to remain in power. Hitler imposed his views on the masses at a young age and his ideas soon became a reality. Hitler made his ideaologies a way of life in Germany and was very successful.


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