Hitler Youth Movement

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Hitler Youth Movement

Without the complete dedication of the Germans that was eventually esablished through the Hitler Youth, Nazi Germany would not have been as successful as it was. Children from ages ten to eighteen were members of the Hitler Youth. These youth groups were the only ones that children could participate in legally outside of school. Hitler controlled the content of school curriculum and these impressionable children could not escape the ideals and practices of Nazi Germeny. This generation of children were selflessly devoted to Hitler and the Third Reich.

Social Effects

1932-107,956 1933-2,292,041 1934-3,577,565 1935-3,943,303 1936-5,437,601 1937-5,879,955 1938-7,031,226 1939-7,728,259

The social effects of participating in the Hitler Youth are extremely significant and long lasting. They were trained to idolize and despise opposition from their powerful leader. When Hitler proclaimed that the Jews were responsible for the hardships of the German nation, the Hitler Youth enforced the laws and punished the lawbreakers with violence and execution. ALL SS members were a part of the Hitler Youth. It was these Germans who led the troops to roundup the "inferior race" and eventually killed millions of Jews. Without the early onset "brainwashing", none of these actions would have been carried out as successfully as they were.


After the liberation of the Jewish people, allied forces rounded up every captured SS officer and forced them to view the carnage inside the liberated camps. They also made them bury piles of rotting, emaciated corpses. The SS was declared a criminal organization and hunted down. However, the Allies wrote off the Hitler Youth Organization as consisting of misled young people and were not targeted for prosecution.


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The Hitler Youth Movement

Youth Credited For Nazi Success


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