Hitler, the Holocaust,Nazis

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World War II

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Hitler, the Holocaust,Nazis

The Holocaust

Sudan GenocideAnother country that has attempted genocide like the Holocaust is Sudan. Omar al-Bashir is wanted for war crimes and genocide in Darfur for the India-Africa summit. And India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is standing with Omar. Omar had killed 300,000 of Darfuris and India is ignoring that fact. And Omar is still attempting his attack in Darfur. Omar’s genocide is like the Holocaust because most people do not notice how many people are dead because of Omar. And Omar is wanted because of how many people he has killed. And people are joining Omar just like the Holocaust. So many people/countries joined the Holocaust with the Nazis and Hitler. India has joined Omar with the Omar’s genocide. So now 210,000 people have been forced from their homes in Darfur only this year. There can be millions more next or the year after that if we do not stop this. So we need to keep on trying to stop this Darfur genocide.

Jeannine BurkThe survivor Jeannine Burk was hidden somewhere else from her whole family. Her father hid them from the Nazis. Her mom, Sarah Bluman Rafalowicz; died of breast cancer at the age of 45. Her mom looked like a German and worked in a nursing home so they did not know she was a Jew. Her brother went to a Christian home for only boys and had stayed there. Her sister was in a full body cast and they were going to take her away, but her mom called a Catholic hospital before she left and they came to get her before the Nazis did. And her father took a street car to a womans house that had hide her. She was hiding in a outhouse. Her father was exterminated in Auschwitz. She is married and has six kids. And was born in Brussel, Belgium. And when they took her interview she was a secretary.


Casey Russell4/5 11/19/15

The Treblinka CampThe Treblinka camp was occupied in Poland during the World War 2. It was constructed as part of the Operation Reinhard. It was operated between July 1942 and October 1943. Approximately 850,000 men,women, and children were murdered in this camp. More than 800,000 Jews died. Before the liberation by the Allies, the German army liquidated the camp and destroyed anything that was left to show what they have done. They had destroyed all of their work that had took them years to build. And put all the people that had survived from the Treblinka camp on death marches. Mainly everyone had died except for the couple of survivors. Everything within those fences were gone. For so many decades, the only thing that showed and had the evidence of all the horrors that took place in Treblinka was the testimonies of Nazi SS-men and the few of the survivors who were generous enough to share their stories of all the things they went through. But later on in 2012, the forensic archaeologist has uncovered some previously hidden mass graves at the site that had helped prove that there was an extermination camp there. People have had believed that the Treblinka concentration camp was a transit camp. And that only 67 people had survived Treblinka out of thousands of people. The camp is a extermination and concentration camp. The gas chambers were actually steam chambers. They used carbon monoxide from diesel engines. There was 13 gas chambers in the whole camp. 2,000 people could fit in one gas chamber, the people died within 10-15 minutes. First the bodies were buried , later on they had changed it to where people were cremated. . They had cremated people on big grates out of doors. Then the ashes were all put in one spot. Then the gas chambers were disguised to look like showers. They used Zyklon B for the gas. In Kieke, 42 Jews were killed by a mob of Poland citizens in a pogrom. Bodies were burned on grates. Which were set on fire for special occasions. The bodies that were buried were dug up and were cremated.

Nazis PropagandaThe Germans used the propaganda stacking the deck on the Jews.The reason the Nazis used that kind of propaganda on the Jews is because they did not like them. So they had told big lies about them so people can be afraid of them. They had told children that the Jews are dangerous. They want everyone else to hate them and to be angry at them. And that it is ok to destroy their lives and their homes. That it is ok to kill the Jews. They believe that since one Jew did something bad that all the Jews are bad. They did not want the Germans to question the Nazis and why they are doing that to the Jews.



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