Hit the Books for Success

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Hit the Books for Success

Map of Peru

Hit the Books for Success

Map of Mali

Map of Nepal

-Youth literacy rate is 70%, while the adult literacy rate is 49%.-In 2001 about 8 million people ages 15-60 were illiterate; in 2008, this got reduced by 3 million due to NLC.-Many improvements since NLC, such as self-confidence, positive attitudes, etc.

Cites for more info:www.savethechildren.org/www.bezosfamilyfoundation.org/www.dosomething.org/

-Literacy rate: 89.6% with a rank of 105 out of 194. -Adult literacy rate is 88% and youth literacy rate is 97%.-42.5% of the poor complete primary education, while 13.1% recieve no education.

Information about Literacy Challenge-Enhances youth reading and writing skills all over the globe. -For each bookmark made and sent it, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate a dollar, up to $300,000, to Save the Children's Literacy Boost program in Peru, Mali and Nepal.-Save the Children will give a large number of bookmarks to Literacy Boost students around the world. -The money raised will stock Save the Children's international book banks in Peru, Mali and Nepal, it would also imrpove school attendance, reading comprehension and self-confidence.

-Literacy rate is 33.4%; 43.1% of the adult male population can read, 24.6% of the women can read.-School life expectancy for women is 8 years (2012), and for men it is 10 years.

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