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Social Studies
American History

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Lord Dunmore has proclaimed that he shall free any black runaway slave from a Patriot master if he'll join our army!

Join us, the most powerful nation of all!

Here ye, Here ye!!! "All men are created equal." That's what the Declaration says. But what do those no-good slave-owners know? Join us, the Loyalists, the "Americans," the black slaves. Listen Brothers, Sisters, I am one of you. A mere black slave, and my master has allowed me to share with you what he, and I think should be done. Come with, us fight for us, and later, you shall have freedom! Side with The Crown, The King, he understands that we are men, brothers, sisters, women, family. Washington and Congress are fooling with us! "Certain unalieable rights?" "Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness?" It was supposed to be for us, because as they say, "All men are created equal." They scorn us, and mock us, do they see us as equals? Of course not. But we are, so fight, fight for the right to be free, fight for your families, fight for the dawn of a new, bettered day.

The Boston Massacre

You think that the Boston Massacre was our fault? Well, please here me out. Hundreds of Patriots crowded King Street, insults plenty and tempers flaring. Edward Garrick taunted Private White about not paying for something and in response,White hit the young man with the butt of his rifle for rudeness. Edward ran and then returned with a group of his friends to help protest. The fight exploded, with the Rebels throwing rocks, and snowballs and ice the size of a fist, and the soldiers, they were just trying to protect themselves. Captain Preston himself mentioned this in his comment:"A general attack was made on the men by a great number of heavy clubs and snowballs being thrown at them, by which all our lives were in imminent danger. . ." He also said: "On which some well behaved persons asked me if the guns were charged. I replied yes. They then asked me if I intended to order the men to fire. I answered no..."

Be Free!!! Slaves, join our cause and have all your dreams come true!



Thomas Preston and The British View

Do you remember brothers, when we were mere slaves? They could lynch, hang, harass, tar and feather and kill us. Now this injustice will be set right. The King will let us go free, think, our families, safe. Years of pain and torture will cease, and peace can finally be among us.

King George is right! He says that the Patriots are like rowdy children that need to be put back in their place!!!Once we win the war,he plans on imposing no new taxes upon the colonists!


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