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Scopes Trial

John T. Scopes: Defendant in trial

the scopes trial was signifacant to the1920's because it brought forth the ever loming question of whether or not there should be seperation of church and state. Evolution was viewed as Gods work to the majority of americans and it went agianst there beliefs. If this trial had not happened the questions about the seperation of church and state would never have been brought up.

what were the effect of the scopes trial? surprisingly the butler act stayed intact for many years folowing the scopes trial. Actually the trial had a negative effect on schools and many schools corrected textbooks that went agianst the belief of christians. The trial however started many debates that questioned these fundamental beliefs.

how did the changes effect society today?The Scope's Trial was an important introduction into a question that has plauged the United States for a long time. Should there be a seperation between church and state? The Trial also paved the way for science. Today science is taken for granted but had the scopes trial never taken place it would have been many more years before people accepted the facts abput the creation of the earth and humanity.

what was the verdict of the scopes trial and what did people think about it?Scopes was found guilty and there were no changes to the butler act but even with these very evident losses some positive things for ACLU(american civil liberties union, these were the people that told Scopes they would supply legal represantation and pay any fines if he decided to be the dedfendat in the case.) came out of the trial. This was one of the first cases that directly questioned religion and its place in everyday life. The scopes trial also had many people turning away from religous beliefs and believing more in science

William Jennings Bryan: A key witness in the scopes trial

Famous speech link

Clarence Darrow: defense attorny;very well known



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