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History Vacation

My History Vacation

The Drake Well,Titusville, PA

The Drake Well is located in Titusville, PA. It was the site where Sir Edwin Drake first drilled for oil in 1859.

Click here for more information on the Drake Well.

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, was the site of the Japanese bombing that led to U.S. includement in World War II. The bombing occurred on December 7, 1941.

Click me for more info on Pearl Harbor.

Click for more info on the National Civil War Museum.

Civil War Museum

The National Civil War Museum is the only museum in the United States that shows the entire story of the American Civil War. It is located in Harrisburg, PA.

Ellis Island was one of the most used immigration checkpoints ever in the U.S. Nearly half of the population can trace their family history back to find at least one person who passed through the Island's gates.

Ellis Island

Click here to see more info about the significance of Ellis Island.

To learn more about the Panama Canal, just click!

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is a man-made channel that cuts through Central America. It allows ships to sail between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


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