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History Timeline

This is my father.His name is Ömer Gül .He is thirty nine years old.He nationality is Turkısh. He is from Gaziantep.He favorite music is hip hop.He favorite day is mondey and friday.He favorite month is march and may.He is brithday in 1 may.He´got big brown eyes and curly hair.He likes get up early.He dislikes mobile phone.

This is my mother.Her name is Aliye Gül.She is thirtiy seven years old.She nationality is Turkısh .She is from Gaziantep.She favorite music is hip hop.She favorite day is saturday and sunday. She favorite month is september.She is 10 october.She is got long hair.She is got brown eyes.She likes watching TV.She dislikes get up early.

My name is Sena Gül.I m fifteen years old.I nationality is Turkısh. I m from Gaziantep.My birthday is the 14 March.My favorite is singers Buray.My favorite days is friday and sunday.My favorite month is march.My likes listening music.My dislikes play basketball.

This is my sister.She is Duru Gül.She is three years old.She nationality is Turkısh.She is from Gaziantep. He favorite day is monday.She favorite month is may.She is brithday in 29 may.She is big brown eyes and strait hair.She is likes drinking milk.She dislikes listening music.

This is my sister.Her name is Sedef Gül.She is seventeen years old.She nationality is Turkısh.She is from Gaziantep.He favorite day is wednesdey . She favorite month is december.She is brithday in 17 december.She is big brown eyes and curly hair.She likes mobile phone.She dislikes drinking milk.



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