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History Timeline

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History Timeline

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Around 1600bc, the country now called Greece was divided into small kingdoms. The people that lived in Greece in this time were called the Mycenaeans, because Mycenae was the most important kingdom. The kings lived in magnificent palaces that had offices, workshops and storerooms, as well as the king's private rooms. The most important room was the great hall, called the megaron. They were famous for their pottery and metalworks. They were great warriors; there even is a legend about them taking the city of Troy by building a great wooden horse and piling soldiers inside it, then puting it outside the gate as a "gift". When they opened the gate and took the horse the soldiers came out and opened the gate from the inside for the other soldiers, then they attacked the city and took over. The end of the Myceaeans was when they had many bad harvests. The Mycenaeans attacked other cities for food. Many left Greece in serch for a new home. The cities were gradually abandond.

In 5000bc farmers moved in the wide valley bettween the Tigris and Euphrates rivers this area came known as Mesopotamia. This was good farming land and they grew more crops than they could eat. At first they lived in houses made out of reeds. But then they found out how to make bricks out of mud and straw. They saw that brick was more useful and they got rid of the reed houses. These tiny villages turned into large cities. People needed to keep track of things so they invented writing. They wrote on clay tablets using a reed pen. The end of Sumer was when they were invaded by a tribe called the Amorites. The land split up into many small states, and later they became part of the Babilonian Empire.

Ancient Egyptians culture lets us see into the past. Egypt was invaded by the Hyksos, who had chariots. They easily defeated the Egyptians that were on foot. After the Egyptians learned how to use chariots, they won back thier land. They soon took over many other places and made a large empire. The ancient Egyptians had many beliefs that impacted the things that they did. For example, they believed in afterlife. They thought that after 300 years of rest their bodies would come back into the afterlife and live there forever. They thought that the Sphinxes would protect the pyramids where the kings and important people lay. The egyptians lived by the Nile river and had good crops. The way they got good crops was that once a year the Nile overflowed and the people put cannals that collected the water from the Nile and that lasted their crops all year.

The Minoans lived on a island called Crete. The ruler of the Minoans (King Minos) supposedly (acording to the Greek legend) was the son of Zeus. In each of the main towns there was a huge palace; tt had over 1000 rooms which were linked by corridors, staircases, and courtyards. The legend of the Minotaur came from the Minoans. Their famous sport was called Bull Leaping, in which you have to grab the horns of the running bull and somersault over it's back. We don't really know how the Minoans died but around this time a volcano exploded and might have caused an earthquake or a giant tidal wave.

The Phoenicians lived in 1200bc and were the most successful traders in the ancient world. They lived in cities by the sea, and this helped them travel around to different places and trade their stuff. They were called the "Purple People" because they made purple dye out of a shellfish called murex. They also made fine ivory carvings and beautiful glass bottles and beads. Our writing comes from the Phoenician writing; the letters are very similar. The end of the Phoenicians was when they were conquered by Alexander the Great in 332bc.

This is a Sumarian Griffin.

The people are worshiping their Pharoah.

This is a Minoan sport, doing somersaults on the backs of bulls.

This vidio is for the Minoans and the Mycenaeans.

Purple shell that they used to make the dye.

This man and woman are harvasting their crops.

This is and ancient Mycenaean mask.

Source: Usborne Encyclopedia 12000 of World History


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