[2015] Frederick T (Steele 5th block): Queen Mary Tudor

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[2015] Frederick T (Steele 5th block): Queen Mary Tudor

Mary TudorBorn: February 18th, 1515Died: November 25, 1558

Mary Tudor familyMary Tudor was King Henry VIII of Englands and Spanish Queen Catherine 5th child.Her first two brothers died at birth or soon after.Often moved a lot to diffent castle didnt see her parents a lot either

around 300 Protestant heretics were burnt in three years

She was the queen of England for 5 years

Interesting FactsShe loved music and played a keyboard intrument called the virginal

More about her familyShe got engaged at 2 1/2 years oldHer future husband was barely one at the timeHis family was royalty also they ruled over France

Frederick Thompson Jr.

Queen Mary Tudor

Even more about her familyThe queen gets pregant again with a son for the king and he dies at borth.The King really wanted a son, so when he dies, he will be able to take over England and rule

Aged 37 at her accession, Mary wished to marry and have children, thus leaving a Catholic heir to consolidate her religious reforms

Mary revived the old heresy laws to secure the religious conversion of the country

Elizabeth was dug up from elsewhere in the abbey three years after her death and moved into her sister’s grave by king James I. Elizabeth’s presence in the grave is celebrated by a magnificent monument, the fact that Mary also lies there is acknowledged only by the Latin inscription ‘Partners both in throne and grave. Here rest we two sisters Mary and Elizabeth in the hope of one resurrection.

She Loved to gamble


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