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History Timeline

History Timeline

December 16, 1773 Boston Tea Party

July 5,1775Olive Branch Petition

1754-1763 French and Indian War

June,1775Lexington and Concord

March 5,1770Boston Massacre

Stamp ActMarch 22,1765British taxed them on any printed paper. They taxed them on newspaper, marriage certificates, wills, licenses, and playing cards. Britian thought that it was something that they couldn't live without. Some colonists boycotted the items. They even poured tar and feathered the tax collector.

French and Indian War1754-1763.The British and the French with Native American help were fighting over North American/Canadian land. The colonists won but, Britian wouldn't let the colonists move over the mountians even though some were already there. The colonists were angry abd confused because they just won Britian land and they wouldn't let move on to it.Britian also wanted to tax the colonists for the war debt.

Boston Tea PartyThe Boston Tea Party happend in Deceber 16,1773. The Patriots poured aboiut 1 million dollars worth of tea over three ships into the Boston Harbor. Some were dressed as indians and dumped the tea. Sam Adams organized the entire thing. The patriots were happy about it but the loyaltists were worried.

March 22,1765Stamp Act

Lexington and Concord1775British troops marched through Lexington meaning to take weapons and gun powder. As they were trying to do that they ran into the colonial malitia. The colonists deafeted the British troops. That gave the colonists a confidence boost.

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Boston MassacreMarch 5,1770On Devonshire and State street a small riot of colonists throwing sticks and stones at British soldiers at guard. The British had specific instructions not to harm the colonists. Nobody know for sure who but, somebody fired the first shot and then the soliers started fireing on the colonists. Crispus Atticus was the first to die out of five people total. The patriots made this look like that the British fired on poor innocent colonists.The patiriots used this event to encourage more colonists ot become patiriots and want independence.

Olive Branch PetitionJuly 5,177550 leaders from each colony wrote a nice and respectful letter to King George recognizing the colonists rights.King George refused to read nor recieve it. It was to final attemp to bring peace between the British and the colonists. The petition would afirm American loyalty and leave the King at his subjects defense. The colonists thought that there was no hope in joining the British again after the Kings reaction to the pention.

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