History Through the Ages-Nathalie Pridgen

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History Through the Ages-Nathalie Pridgen

History Through the Ages

The song "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday (released 1939) shows the oppression and suffrage that African Americans endured. Billie Holiday impacted me because through her art, of music, she told people a story about the lynchings of African Americans. As a young African American she impacted me in that I admire her bravery to speak out and share her story as I want to do, to stand up for what is right

Capitalism is the economic system of the United States. Capitalism is a risk/reward system where there is an invest in capital in hope of receiving a greater ROI (return of investment). In capitalism there are several unintended consequences. Capitalism has impacted me that capitalist only care about the profit and not about how they reach it. This impacts be because as I see mother nature getting destroyed by capitalist (i.e. the plastic in the ocean, the over killing of trees) it makes me angry an frustrated of our nations greed for money.

The Great Migration was a period of time (around 1916-1970, it depends on which sources you see) which around 1.5 million African-Americans moved North in promise of better opportunities. This impacts me because my grandmother moved up North in 1956 looking for a better job. It impacted me  because of the segregation in the south, and the lack of opportunities and that my grandmother came up north to make a better life for herself. Though this action she taught me to keep fighting for what is right. (The painting to the left was done by Jacob Lawrence)

Franklin D. Roosevelt was an amazing president by creating the CCC, AAA, FERA,FDIC, and several other government groups that helped the country during the Great Depression. He impacted me in that despite him having polio (and being tied to a wheelchair) he didn't let that hold him back. He was very kind and reassured people using the fireside chats. To me he shows me to never give up in the face of adversity and to keep on fighting.

Civil Rights was from 1954-1968. During this time, African-Americans fought for their right to be treated as equals in this country. This affects me because without this movement I would probably be in a segregated school, I would be treated little to no respect and would be seen as less to other people. As a young African Americans it it shows me that I should stand up for my rights.

Was a battle fought between the Union and the Confederacy. This war impacts me becuase without this war, I might still be a slave or being treated as property and not a human being. This impacts me because it makes me value how much we have progressed as a country and how we the racism toward black people, but there is still a long way to go. This war reminds me that there is always a possiblity for change.

Sherman Anti-Trust Act was passed on July 2, 1890 to prevent companies from creating monopolies. This impacts me because it impacts this country and how we handle money.This impacts me by our nations way of handing money which impacts me.

The Emancipation Proclamation was passed January 1, 1863. As an African American this day, the day slavery was Abolished, is very important. For me this day is an end of the cruelty of slavery and the idea that African Americans are property, and even though there was still racism after the abolishment of slavery, this was a great step forward.

This is a cartoon was used as propaganda which was made by Disney to tell people to buy . This impacted me because it exposed me to the true cruelty of humans nature. Growing up you know that people can do horrible things but WWII is the epitome of people's true nature, that we are disgusting and that we want ourselfves to oppear stronger so we will tear other people down just to do that.

Big Burtha was a heavy artillery used during WWI.  WWI was the first world war and the Big Burtha was used to kill Millions of people. This impacted me because it shows how cruel people can be, and how merciless. This teaches me to be kind and to not purposely hurt somebody.

Emancipation Proclamation


Billie Holiday

World War I

World War II

The Great Migration


Civil Rights

Civil War

Sherman Anti-Trust Act

By Mia-Nathalie Pridgen


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