History Task 3 - Aztecs

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History Task 3 - Aztecs



Cortes befriends the Tlaxcala, and attacks the Aztecs. The Aztecs lose.


The Aztecs move out from their old home, and take 225 years to finally settle into their new home Tenochtitlan.



Aztec Timeline


Acamapichtli becomes the first ruler of the Aztecs. They call their new ruler Tlatoani which means "speaker".

This proved they wanted to be led by a leader.

This proved they wanted to settle in to the perfect place.


Tenochtitlan is destroyed by a flood. Many of the Aztecs starved.

They didn't like how their new home was ruined by a flood.

Great Temple of Tenochtitlan (The Templo Mayor) is finished. It is dedicated to their gods with thousands of human sacrifices.

This showed they valued their religion, and that they believed in their gods.

Hernán Cortés - Spanish conquistador arrives in Tenochtitlán. The Aztecs treat him as an honored guest, but Cortes takes Montezuma prisoner (he was the king of the Aztecs). Montezuma is killed, but Cortes is driven from the city.

Cortes takes over Tenochtitlán, and he rebuilds the city. It is later on called Mexico City.

They didn’t like how Cortes betrayed them and killed their leader after they treated him as a guest.

They didn’t like how Cortes attacked them, and how they lost.

They didn’t like how their power was taken away from them.


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