History Project: North Carolina Colony

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History Project: North Carolina Colony

Founded by English Investors in 1663

Sir Walter Raleigh

North Carolina

Economic AspectsWhen people started settling North Carolina was not good for a lot of large plantations. North Carolina had only one deep water port and that was located near Wilmington. With only one deep water port it was hard for the settlers and plantation owners to get to markets or get slaves because it was hard for ships to get far inland. They had to go through the Outer Banks also known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic, the treacherous waters caused ships to sink. Most merchants did not think the risk was worth the amount of money they would make. This made many people leave North Carolina and go to Tennesse because of cheap land. It was not until then that the government did something about it about it and started dredging rivers, building canals and bringing in railroad. This improved the economy greatly. North Carolina was just cranking out resources into the local markets such as: Indigo, Rice, and Tobacco. Founded by English Investors, North Carolina is a big capital in business.

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Political Aspects A few politcal views in colonial North Carolina was that it was only the rich, white man that could have the right to land and religous freedoms. North Carolina in 1729 will be turned into a royal colony. A royal colony is a colony that is ruled directly to the King instead of being owned by proprietors or owners.

Social AspectsThe settlers in North Carolina faced a lot of social problems. A big one being that there was an ongoing coflict with the native americans. Many colonists came to North Carolina for religous purposes so many of were not good at agriculture and farming the land. Another thing they had trouble getting food sometimes is that many of them didn't know how to hunt because the game in the new world is not the same as the game in their home countries so they had to be taught.

The capital of North Carolina was named after him because he founded the first settlement in the colony, Roanoke.

Why Founded?North Carolina was founded as a refuge for French Prottestants. Also a place for religion to be practiced freely.


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The Location of the colony was located in the Southern Colonies.


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