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History Project-- first semester






The Industrial Revolution

The first reliable steam engine was invented by James Watt

The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney

Alexander Graham Bellinvents the first telephone

Samuel F. B. Morseinvents the telegraph

Elias Howe invents the sewing machine,


On Aug. 7, 1807 Robert Fulton launched the first steamboat service

*Robert's first steamboat service was based on the Hudson River

*Fulton was so skilled at drawing that at the age of 17 he had sold enough portraits to buy his mom her own farm.

*In 1974 Fulton condsidered using steamboats, and although they had already been invented, he wanted to commericalize them

*He invented a double-incline plane to help move boats over tough terrain.

*His first steamboat, The Clermont, traveled at about 5 miles per hour.


Cyrus Field laid a transaltantic cable that connected the country.

Alfred Nobel invents Dynamite in 1866

On Feb. 24, Samuel Colt recives a patent for the colt revolver.


David Brewser invents the kaleidoscope

Melville Bissel patents the carpet sweeper on Sep. 19

*Each kaleioscope has mirrors placed at 60 degrees

*David Brewster was knighted by the Queen of England!

*The most expensive kaleidoscope was sold for 75,000$ in 1987

*The largest one is located in Catskill Corner in upstate New York

Although it was technically Thomas Newcomen who invented the steam engine it wasnt until James Watt made his desgin actually usable and helped start the industrial revolution

The carpet sweeper is not a vacuum, and has been completly overshadowed by them. They were at first, extremly popular and made Bissell millions, but in 1898, John S. Thurman from St. Louis Missouri patented the vacuum cleaner. (also know more commonly as a carpet cyclone) After that the carpet sweeper swept right off the market

Dynamite, is considered a secondaryHigh explosive, and is different thanTNT. The first ever large scale useof dynamite was used to help complete the Hoosac tunnel. Thenitroglycerin inside of dynamite thatgives it its blasting power is also used for medicine as a vasodilator and a muscle relaxer

*Samuel Colt ran away from his boarding school when he was only 14 years old*He wasn't the first to think of a revolver, but his design was the reason for his success.*Became "Dr Coult" at 18 and had chemistry lectures that contained his listeners getting hyper off laughing gas, which at the time, was called a "laughing-gas party" and extremly popular.

When Whitney first invented the cotton gin, it revolutionized the production of cotton. Dispite the huge sucess of the machine Whitney got almost no real profit from the cotton gin due to unusal patent-infrigement issues. Later on he is credited as the poineer of american manufacturing after he suggests that the machines have standerized interchangable parts

*Alexander was nicknamed "Aleck" by his family members and friends*His father was the owner of Visual Speech, a techinque used to help deaf people learn to speak without sounding stupid*Both of his brothers died of the same disease, in the same year*When Bell died, they shut down the phone lines for a whole min in tribute to him and his acievements

Although the telegraph wasnt invented by Field, he was the first to suggest the idea that a cable be laid across the ocean floor, the first cable was laid in 1854 and was successful... sort of. It work in time for the Queen of England and the President to have a conversation, but is soon failed and a new, long-term cable was put in place in 1866

Elias Howe was not the first to think of, design, or build a sewing machine, but he was the first to do it correctly. When at first trying to sell his patented design, he found himself struggling because stupid Isaac Singer was using his ideas! Howe eventually sue him and after a court case that took a million years he won a bunch of money from all of the phonies

*Before Morse invented the telegraph, the only way for people to commuicate with others was the Pony Express*After the telegraph was invented, the newspapers became much more accurate*Morse code was developed and named for Samuel Morse, what an ego maniac



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