History Project - Anastasia C

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History Project - Anastasia C

In 1892, when she lived in Memphis, a friend of hers and his business partners defended their store against an attack by whites, but before they could be tried they were lynched. Ida wrote about the attacks in her articles, and also suggested that the African American residents in the town leave. While she was away in New York City, her newspaper office was destroyed by an angry mob. She was threatened to be killed if she returned. She went to England, and eventually moved to Chicago, where she married a prominent attourney, Ferdinand Barnett.She helped found the NAACP, and founded the National Association of Colored Women. She also ran for state Senate one year prior to her death.

Ida B. Wells

Journalist, Activist, and Anti-Lynch Crusader


1) Ida B. Wells-Barnett was born in Holly Springs, MI as a slave and was orphaned when she was 16 due to a yellow fever epidemic.2) When she was 25, there was an incident on a train in which she had purchased a first class ticket and was thrown into the segregated car, and she sued. She won in the lower courts, but the decision was reversed in the appeals court.3) She wrote articles in the newspaper The Free Speech and Headlight under the pen name "Iola."



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