History of watches

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History of watches

Mechanical Clocks-Invented in 723 AD-Invented by I-Hsing-The mechanical clock works by a system of springs and gears to turn the hands of the clock.

Sudials-Sudials were invented dureing 100bc to 160bc-Invented by Theodosius of Bithynia-Sudials were a time telling devise that uses the earth's rotation and the sun to tell the time.

Pocket Watches-Invented in 1524-Invented by Peter Henlein-This was the first ever “watch” because you could bring a clock with you all the time.

History Of WatchesBy Matthew Myers

Wrist Watch-Invented in 1969-Invented by Patek Philippe -This was the first watch that you could wear on your arm. It was what made way to other watch inventions.

Sapphire watches-Invented in 2006-Wasn’t invented by one person -It uses the standard mechanical mechanism that was invented in 1510

Digital Watches-Invented in 1972-Invented by John bergey-Color emitting led display which is used to display the time

Smart Watches -Invented in 1994-Invented by Dick Tracy-A smart watch is a computerized wrist watch capable of doing simple tasks such as radio, Bluetooth, playing games, and full capabilities of your smart phone.http://www.lg.com/us/smart-watches


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