History of Transportation: From horse-drawn carriages to self-driving cars.

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History of Transportation: From horse-drawn carriages to self-driving cars.

History of TransportationFrom horse-drawn carriages to self-driving cars.

4500 B.C.Horses are domesticated and ridden.

2500 B.C.Chariot burials present the oldest hard evidence of horses used as working animals—most likely as transportation.

1903 The Wright Flyer III was capable of fully controllable, stable flight for substantial periods of time.

1825 - 1830Stephenson's Locomotion No. 1 was the first steam locomotive to run on a passenger line.

With the invention of the automobile, the tractor and other internal combustion vehicles, the need for driving horses diminished, beginning with the end of World War I and to an even greater degree after World War II.

Saving the HorsesHorse riding/driving shows and horse racing kept interest in horses alive (as well as the horses themselves). Though they have been replaced by automobiles, horses are still commonly domesticated. They continue to be used for work by third-world nations and minorty groups, such as the Amish.

As of July 2015, Google's 23 self-driving cars have been involved in 14 minor traffic accidents on public roads, but in all cases the vehicle itself was not at fault because the cars were either being manually driven or the driver of another vehicle was at fault.

1862 Étienne Lenoir made a gasoline engine automobile.

Yuri GagarinHe was the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.

2012 - 2015Google begins testing its self-driving cars. Their cars have not yet gotten into an accident that is their fault.


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