[2016] malachi havens: History of the Toilet

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[2016] malachi havens: History of the Toilet




late 1800s

november 19th, 2001

In the middle ages, monks built stone or wooden lavatories over rivers. At Portchester Castle, in the 12th century the monks built stone chutes leading to the sea. When the tides went moved, it would flush away the sewage.

Sir john Harrington was the man who invented the flushing toilet. The first version can actually be traced back to 1596.

In 1775 the first patent for the flushing toilet was granted to the scottish inventor Alexander Cummings. Cummings coup was the adition of a constant pool of water so as to supress really bad smells.

The first modern lavoritories with flushing toilets opened in London in 1857

Thomas Crapper founded the Thomas Crapper and Co. and while he did not invent the flushing toilet he invented related products that helped increase the popularities of toilets in the late 1800s

Toilet History Timeline

In 1913, the russia airline became the first to future a toilet on board.

November 19th was declared world toilet day by 17 toilet associations around the world in 2001.

The world toilet organisation is formed.


late 2001


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