History of the tank

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Social Studies
World War I-II

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History of the tank

The history of theTank in World War I

Tanks served as stalemates to the trench warfare, sucessful infantry assaults and routing enemy troops.Tanks also were sucessful in getting the battle to move more then just stay in one place and fight.

Advantages and disadvantagesAdvantages: powered through trenches, goes through no man's land, lead the charge in the war and protectionDisadvantages: very expensive gas, only went 3 miles an hour, got stuck in mud, flipped on too steep hills

Tanks first were used in the battle of fleurs with only little sucess. Then it was used at the battle of somme with also less sucess.

The invention of the tank came from a collection of farming equipment that could cross over the worst of conditions on land with it's catepillar tracks. they used the tanks, designed by the Holt's tractor company to cross nomands land and through barbed fences to the opposing sides.it also had the ability to turn sharply at top speed, a working radius of 20 miles and can cross over 6ft gaps. not all tanks that were made didnt start with catepillar tracks.The first actual tank to have any form of caterpillar track was a vehicle designed by Lieutenant W Wilson and William Tritton called "Little Willie".Built on september 8th 1915 Little Willie was only at test, but did set the pace for future tanks in the making despite it's tracks kept falling off during said tests.

Tanks have come a long way from world war 1 as improvements goes.One way is obviously the fire power. The old WWI tanks only had small machine guns, where as the tanks that we have today have a large 120mm main gun attached to it. Another difference is that the main gun on the top of the tank can now make 360 degree turns.another important change is the catepillar tracks. Originally, they had a hard time climbing uphill because their treads were made out of the wrong material to grip the ground. They had also increased their speed. the tanks of today can go 45 mph whereas a WW1 tank could only go 6 mph.

Britian made it first!



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