History Of The Radio And Television

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History Of The Radio And Television

History of the Radio and Television

Brenden Hrabcsak

The first television is seen at the 1900 world fair in Paris. The television was invented by a man named Philo Farnsworth. It could send still images through wires.

The radio allowed for mass comunication. It enabled information to be transferred far and wide. The inventor of the radio was Guglielmo Marconi.


In 1903 the first news cast was broadcasted to sailing ships through radio waves. This meant that the waves could travel over a long distance.

John Baird developed a way to capture objects in motion. This led the way for movies and tv shows in the television company.

In 1950 the first colored television was released to the public. People no longer had to watch tv in black and white. In 1969 America got to watch Neil Armstrong take the first step onto the moon. In 1997 the flat screen tv was introduced. The television was no longer a large box that takes up a lot of room. In 2009 the American people had made the switch to all digital tv viewing.




1950- 2014

By 1933 the radio had become very popular. 2/3 of all American households own at least one or more radios.

In 1939 the first brand of television came out. This meant that the television was going to be sold to the public. The name of the brand was RCA.




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