History of the Industrial Revolution Legacies

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History of the Industrial Revolution Legacies

Working WondersThe assembly line and steam engine lead to creating places like banks. Machine-run factories, rush hour, and our work hours were caused mainly by the practices of the Industrial Revolution

On The MoveLots of travelling, worn roads, over populated cities, and raising supply and demand rates, were all a legacy of the Industrial Revolution. It created major cities that were the basis of major factories. This means that even today people go to cities to find work.

Material WorldJohn Spilsbury cut up the world, creating first jigsaw puzzle. Had a desire to capitalise the resources. Came up with ways to immitate foreign imported resources.

The Industrial Revolution Legacies

Modern MedicineThis Revolution brought us the idea that hand-washing before touching open wounds could save the patient. It also brought the telescope.

History of

War MachineThe wars we faced during the Revolutions, created a better understanding for us now. We know what to expect and can continually improve our weaponry.

City LivingLeft us with brand named products, and ideas of better home lives. Created home entertainment, etc.


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