[2014] Jenna Brewer: History of the Globe Theatre

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[2014] Jenna Brewer: History of the Globe Theatre

Fun Fact:The Globe Theatre strung up different flags during each performance so people know what kind of genre they are about to watch. Red meant history, black meant tragedy, and white meant comedy.

Prices and Plays

~The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 in Southwark, London. It was built by a man named James Burbage. The theatre was owned by six different men, Shakespeare included. Shakespeare only owned seven percent of the theatre.

History of the Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre was about 100 feet in diameter. It had three stories of seating that could hold up to 3,000 people. It had a large, open roof that was in the shape of a dounut. There was only roof around the seating area of the theatre. "The pit" was the area at the base of the stage which had held "the groundlings". Part of the stage was called the"apron stage", which was the part of the stage that had stuck out into the pit where people were standing.


How Big The Theatre Was

The price of each play was extremely cheap, which was one of the reasons the theatre was so popular. For one penny you would stand at the grounding, which was at the foot of the stage. For two pennies you had a bench seat in a the lower galleries. for three or more pennies you could have a more comforatable seat with a cushion. The most expensive seats started at six pence (240 pence was equal to one dollar) which was located in the 'Lord's Room'. There were many different plays put on at the Globe Theatre. Some plays were Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Macbeth, and Julius Caesar.



The Globe Theatre In 1599

Performance at the Globe Theare

By: Jenna Brewer

~The theatre had burnt down on June 29, 1613 due to a special effect on stage that went wrong. The theatre was soon rebuilt in 1614.

~Many years later during the English Civial War, Parliament issued a band on all stage plays. This had taken place on September 2, 1642.

~Soon after, the Globe theatre was demolished by Puritans April 16, 1644 and tenement houses were built in it's spot. The Globe Theatre was rebuilt many years later and is still producing plays today.


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