History of the Early Automobile

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History of the Early Automobile

Early Automobiles

1915 Detroit Electric

1945 Dodge Power Wagon

1920 Ford Model T

1922 Stanley Steamer

Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel Type: Gas

Fuel Type: Electric

Fuel Type: Steam

Pros: Quiet running, power and acceleration.

Cons: The inconvenience of having to wait 20 minutes for a cold boiler to build up a sufficient head of steam to get the car moving.

Stanley Motor Carriage Co of Newton, Massachusetts, USA.

Anderson Electric Car Co of Detroit.

The car was smooth, quiet and easy to drive. Once the occupants were seated, all that was required to move was to have the direction switch set to forward. The maximum speed on fully-charged batteries was about 30 mph.To slow down the control was moved to the "off" position, and if required the brakes could also be applied.

The Dodge Power Wagon is a four wheel drive light truck based on the WC series of Dodge 3/4 ton Military trucks. It was one of the firsts to be offered directly to the civilian population.

The Model T was a rear-wheel drive vehicle with a suspension that employed a transversely mounted semi-elliptical spring for each of the front and rear beam axles which allowed a great deal of wheel movement to cope with the dirt roads at the time.

Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company



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