History of the baseball glove

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History of the baseball glove



History of the baseball glove

I made a time line of the history of the baseball glove. I got my information from: http://www.baseballglovecollector.com/gallery/cache/19th-century/webless-crescent-burgundy-back_800.jpg


Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison was one of the first players to wear a buckskin mitten after he suffered a hand injury in baseball. And 5 years later St. Louis' Charles Waitt was one of the first players to wear a glove. It was apparently flesh colored so no one would notice. Because back then you were a sissy if you wore a glove

A St. Louis pitcher Bill Doak went to a company with the idea of putting a web between the thumb and index finger. So the glove was no longer a mean of protection but a tool.

By the 1890s baseball gloves were popular several people believed that no one was credited for inventing the base ball glove.

Baseball players started to experiment with a glove as a form of protection. They were experimenting with the brakeman glove use by railroad workers.



1930 text here

Here is a picture of a brakeman glove

Here is a buckskin mitten

Here is the glove like the one Charles used

Here is a 1890s baseball glove

When the players headed overseas for world war II the gloves followed. The Nocona Leather Goods produce glove for the servicemen stationed in the South Pacific.

The first padded gloves were used they were padded in the palm wrist and fingers.

Many of the glove manufacturers exported to Asia. Nokona Leather Goods stayed in Texas

Since the 1960s the glove hasn't really changed it has just been modernized.They have used different materials but the shape is the same. You can find gloves in a variety of sizes and colors.






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