History of the 1990's

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History of the 1990's

Attacks on two Unites States embasies in Africa, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, kills up to two-hundred and twenty four people and wounded up to four thosand five-hundred. The attacks were later linked to Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the Al-Qaeda organazation. Later, the U.S. luanches crusiur missles on an Al-Qaeda suspected headquarters in Afganistan and a mysterios power plant suspected to supply them.

The first major protest for anti-globilization occured on this day. The people rioted against globilizing. It occured in Seattle, Washington. It first started and went on to the days before the World Trade Organazation meeting of 1999. The rioting of the people cuased the canceling of the WTO ceremonial events.

History of the 1990's

By Hector C.

February 7, 1990

June 27, 1993

August 7, 1998

February 12, 1999

November 30, 1999


President Bill Clinton is accused by the U.S. senate for Monica Lewinsky scandal. The court needed 2\3 of the house to agree. But on the charge of perjury, he was founded not guilty on a vote of 55-45. But on the other charge, it was not dicided for the vote for abstuction of power was 50-50. Bill Clinton was not charged on that one.

President Bill Clinton orders a criuse missle to attack the Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad , after an attempt of assassinsation on his life when he was vacationing there two months before. He later found out that the assassination was attempted by the Iraq secret service.

The Central Comitee of the Soviet Party gives up its power after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The ending of the Cold War was a very important victory for the U.S. , and so President Reagan made the decision to create a plan to reunite Germany.

The End of the Cold War

The Attack on Two Worlds

Down with the Power

The Bombing Threat

Accusations of Power

Accused by his own people.


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